General Election
2024 Edition


You play a political party, selecting Policies with the aim of collecting votes and being the first past the post to reach 10 Downing Street
Along the way, you also play the role of Voters, deciding which Policy would appeal to that Voter.


•    72 x Policy Cards
•    36 x Voter Cards
•    6 x sets of Voting Tokens, numbered 1 - 5 plus a Policy token
•    6 x Party Cards
•    6 x Playing pieces
•    1 Board
•    5 x Policy Placement (small) Cards
•    Box

Set up
Place Policy Placement Cards on the table, starting at 1 and going up to one less than the number of players (or 3 in a 3 player game - see below).
Each player takes a Party Card to identify their party during the game.
Shuffle the Policy Cards and the Voter Cards. 
Deal 1 Voter Card face up to each player. This is placed in front of the player.
Deal 7 Policy Cards to each player.

Playing the Game
The game is divided into rounds.
Decide who starts first. The suggested first player is the last one who voted, whether in an online poll, an election or anything in between. The first player is the Voter for that phase. 
This player looks at their Voter Card  and gives the other players a few facts about the Voter, such as whether they are married, what they like to do, what their job is or their hobbies or beliefs. Two or three things about the Voter are about right, but add more or less if it feels right. 

“…works in the NHS as an administrator, is married but no children. At weekends she likes to go for long walks.”
“… lives in the Shires, enjoys fast cars and extreme sports, and loves social media.”

The other players then decide which of the Policies in their hands are most likely to appeal to the Voter. They then give the Policy to the Voter who shuffles all of the Policies without looking at them, then lays them out on the Policy Placement Cards.

In a 3 player game, the Voter also adds a Policy from the Policy Card Deck without looking at it.
The other players then decide which of the Policies the Voter is most likely to pick, and put the corresponding number Voting Token into the Box through the lid. Players may vote for their own Policy.
When all players have voted, the Voter then announces which Policy they prefer. The Voter is encouraged to briefly explain their choice. The other players then claim their Policies with the Policy token.
The Box is emptied and the Voting Tokens show.

Player whose Policy was picked by the Voter - 3 votes
Any player who correctly predicted that the Policy the Voter would pick - 1 vote
The Voter gets 1 vote for each other player that voted for the policy they picked.
The score tokens are moved on the board.


All players except the Voter then draw another policy. Players should always have 7 Policies to choose from.
The player who played the Voter then discards the Voter and draws another.
The player to the left then becomes the Voter in the next phase.

Play continues until one player reaches 16 votes. 
If two players reach 16 votes in the same round, the one with the higher total wins. 
If the totals are the same the election ends in a hung Parliament and the game is a draw.


The Voters in this game are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
The Policies in this game should not be taken as reflecting the view of any person connected Gilt Games.



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